Spy Cam Job Interview

LIKE/FAV for more trolling the real world Never miss the latest prank: twitter.com I apologize that the time stamp is up the whole time. Since the spy cam only has an ON/OFF and record button, I don’t know if there’s a way to edit any settings. No this footage is not from 2009, if it were, I had amazing psychic abilities about what Black Ops would include. If you guys enjoyed this, make sure to let me know. It took a lot of planning and lot of guts. Thanks for all the support and all the feedback you guys give me.

25 Responses to “Spy Cam Job Interview”

  1. PoisonTheBK says:

    @phillipmoseley trld.

  2. ValkyriaStar says:

    He is prestige 1!

  3. PorterDesigns says:

    @PoisonTheBK Yes because he knows what is in Black Ops in 2009, read the description you retard.

  4. PorterDesigns says:

    I can’t get an interview being serious and you can taking the piss. FML.

  5. dotters123 says:

    I don’t think I can actually watch this

  6. mrjimmyos says:

    I would like to see picking up chicks with CoD

  7. SuperSaturday90 says:

    Press 8 for decent office TITTAYZ!

  8. iIRaazrIi says:

    He clutched the whole thing! :D VERY NICE

  9. Byreka says:

    Deserves a sub! Love it

  10. 93trUeblUe13 says:

    omfg! xD
    the carepackages cracked me up xD

  11. Larabiah3 says:

    Thanks for the awesome videos you give us! XD

  12. padasneg7 says:

    @SuperSaturday90 get a life

  13. GeForceHAF says:

    What camera?

  14. bossdown76 says:

    Nutter lol Lmfao

  15. TehRpz says:


  16. LOLfailblogger says:

    did you get the job?

  17. SenorSpeedyClaxton says:

    too good.

    more please.

  18. BromeoGaming says:

    Have a look at my channel!
    omg :D

  19. TeHxBuMa says:

    girls girls girls

  20. enoche1974 says:

    is there a hardline option?


  21. TehRpz says:

    And omg, pickup girls with cod references would be Epic.

  22. minitari says:

    “Whats MLG Dallas?” are you fucking kidding me

  23. kipolpo says:

    The interviewer handled it pretty well as well, but i just have no idea how UkrainianLimbs can keep a straight face when doing these things

  24. Shqiptarivertet says:


  25. RenekillHD says:


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